Flow Fittings




Bottom plug holes

DISCHARGE VENTS Available in single outlet or with orientable spray. Exist in version to be glued or screwed. Proposed in concrete, concrete / liner and panel / liner versions.

HOLES FOR CLEANING DEVICES The holes for cleaning devices have a threading at the inlet to connect the device. They have the same special features as the discharge vents.

WALL PASS-THRUS Available in 150/250/300mm lengths.


Equipped with a 300 W / 12 V optical block and 2.5 m cable. Proposed in concrete, concrete / liner and panel / liner versions. Also available without niche for the renovation of old swimming pools, with a set of long fastening clips to allow adapting to any kind of niche. The junction boxes allow electrically connecting the spotlights. They are available in 1 outlet or 2 outlet versions.


Equipped as standard with :

  • 2 non-perforated overflows
  • 1 removable, large diameter basket
  • 1 pivotable barrier with noise-muffler damper
  • 1 flow controller
  • 1 50-mm diameter outlet to be glued or screwed (1"½ or 2’’)

Proposed in versions for concrete, concrete/line, panel/liner and polyester swimming pools. The versions for swimming pools with liner are equipped with self-sticking nitril seals.


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