A complete series of filtering foam units for swimming pools from 25 m³ to 80 m³.

  • Large filtering fineness,
  • Compact and modular design,
  • The WELTICO skim filters are made of anti UV treated ABS, a plastic perfectly adapted to the swimming pool environment.

The ELEGANCE 400, CLASSIC 400 and 200 models have a reinforced structure and can be used buried or mounted in a filtering block. They are equipped with two non-perforated overflows, and a flap with a noise-muffled stop. Their modular design allows them to be adapted to all kinds of swimming pools by adding extensions or raise blocks. The outlet has a 50 mm diameter and is to be glued or screwed. Versions are available for concrete, concrete/liner, panel/liner and polyester swimming pools. The versions for swimming pools with liners are equipped with self-gluing nitril seals. The ELEGANCE 400 model is ideal thanks to a modern and elegant design, with a high steady flow of lines and a perfect continuity between the "loophole" (200 x 400 opening) and the "beautifier". The CLASSIC 400 model is equipped with a large loophole (200 x 400 opening). The CLASSIC 200 model is a compact version without loophole.

Operating principle

1 : The loophole assures the draining of the water. The pivoting flap catches any debris. The water flows through the basket, which is equipped with a discardable WELBAG pre-filter designed to stop the largest impurities (leaves, needles, …)

2 : The water is then filtered through the folded cartridge, with a fineness of 15 µ. This filtering fineness is greatly improved by the use of the FLOVIL flocculant, which captures and coagulates the fine organic particles in suspension in the water.

3 :The clean water is sucked up by the pump and discharged toward the swimming pool basin.

gamme Skimfilters


Skimfilter Elegance A400

  • Traditional buried assembly
  • Filtering panels
  • Filtering blocks


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