Operating principle :

  • Increases the filtering fineness of sand and cartridge filters
  • Does not clog filtering because it acts in an infinitesimal dose
  • Economical because it reduces filtering times up to 50 %
  • Ecological because it reduces the consumption of algicide and chlorinated products
  • Compatible with all water treatment processes
  • Packaged in 8-tablet sealed blister packs or in 6-tablets tubes


A FLOVIL tablet placed in a foam unit basket swells when it comes in contact with water, forming a stable gelatinous mass which slowly dissolves.The fine particles in suspension in the water cluster together by electrostatic attraction, forming filterable precipitates. FLOVIL is also ideal for eliminating the greenish spores of algae in suspension in water or the brownish coloring from ferric precipitates. · Permanent usage : 1 tablet for 100 m3 to obtain a bluish, crystal-clear water and to reduce the filtering cycle period up to 50%. · Timely usage (after the winter, stormy weather, or a large frequentation in the basin) : 3 tablets for 100 m3, along with the customary pH and chlorine check to eliminate the greenish spores of algae or the brownish coloring from ferric precipitates.


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