Flovil DUO


FLOVIC DUO provides maximum filtration fineness in sand, cartridge and pouch filters up to 5 microns: the microscopic particles suspended in the water are grouped together by electrostatic attraction and form precipitates that can be filtered (earth, dust, acid, rain, algae spores, miscellaneous organic matter). Prevents the algae formation. Compatible with all pool treatment systems, with or without chlorine. FLOVIL DUO acts in a few hours, in odourless and does not create any discomfort for bathers..


  • Permanent use : place a tablet per week in the skimmer basket (2 tablets if the volume of water is over 80 m3). After filtration of precipitates and algae in suspension, the water becomes clear and crystalline. The filtration time decrease (up to 50%) as well as the consumption of treatment products.
  • Occasional use (after winter, strong rains, important attendance in the swimming pool or in the case of the water has “turned”): 3 tablets in the skimmer basket in association with the usual treatment.
Xi, Irritating N, Dangerous for the environnement.

Irritating for eyes, airways and skin
Risks of serious ocular lesions
Very toxic for aquatic organisms

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid the contact with eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water and consult a specialist. Do not throw in sewer. If it’s swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the package or label. Do not throw in natural environment. Consult the specific instructions/the security data sheet.

Contains Chloride alkyl benzyl-dimethylammonium


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