Flovil SPAS


Improves the fineness of filtration and clarifies the SPAS water.

FLOVIL SPA optimizes the fineness of filtration of filter cartridges and pocket up to 5 microns: the microparticles in suspension in water together by electrostatic attraction and form precipitates filterable (soil, dust, acid rain, algal spores , various organic materials). Compatible with all water treatment spas, with or without chlorine. FLOVIL SPA acting in a few hours, is odorless and does not create any discomfort to the bather. SPA FLOVIL Flocculating replaces all liquid, powder or socks.


file a pellet a week in the skimmer basket. After filtration of precipitates in suspension, the water becomes crystal clear. The filtration time is reduced (50%) so as the consumption of treatment.

More details on: flovil.com


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