Automatic pH / Redox Monitoring & filtration system.

A concentrate of technology for the pool

Developed from an industrial product, quality is at the heart of the concept of this system of treatment of pool water.

Detachable allows her to place the system in a block of filtration and had a perfect reading of parameters and guarantee a high level of security for the owner.

Thanks to its wide screen, 4 lines, the user is guided in clear menus, navigation becomes a breeze.

Several models are proposed to better meet the expectations of most demanding customers:

  • POOL CONTROL pH control measure and regulate the pH of the pool for a swim fun
  • POOL CONTROL pH / redox measurement and pH control and automatic dosage of chlorine or oxygen for a water quality unmatched.
  • INJECT CONTROL POOL, measurement, control and regulate the pH and automatic dosage of active oxygen (or other liquid treatment products).
  • POOL CONTROL + , a true central command of the pool can drive, in addition to the complete system of water treatment, pump and filtration.

Enjoy your pool, entrust your water quality in Pool Control.


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