Spot light - RAINBOW

Rainbow’s under water spot light. is the new one with LEDS RGB PAR56 de Weltico.

Lamp PAR 56 for swimming pools, 256 LEDS of colors red, green and blue,

Our lamps are provided with a remote control radio frequency, which gives you access to 11 programs creating incredible and pleasant environments, It will also transform the water of your swimming pool into rainbow’s colors,

Consumption is divided by ten compared to an incandescent bulb 300 VA


Lamp of the type by 56 for swimming pool 256 LEDS red, green and blue usable for external environment and for under water spot light for swimming pool of all types.

Electric supply 12 V AC, power 21 VA

Remote control radio frequency: the lamp is equipped with a receiver RF integrated which allows receiving the remote control until approximately 100 meters and even through water, it can synchronize several under water spots light.

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